A Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Videos to Your Shopify Homepage Without Using YouTube

Why do brands love Fera for reviews?

It’s Easy

  • Import existing reviews, photos & videos from Google, Facebook, and more
  • Receive & moderate new submissions
  • Reply to reviews & touch-up content

It’s Beautiful

  • Product reviews & all reviews
  • Average product & store rating badges
  • Customer photos & videos

It’s Automatic

  • Automatically ask for reviews from new customers
  • Request reviews from past customers
  • Offer discounts, loyalty points & cash incentives

Why the integration between Novel x Fera?

Much of a brand’s most authentic video assets are created organically by their own customers.

The partnership between Novel and Fera makes the process of turning top video review content into interactive shopping experiences across the website as seamless as possible.

Shoppable video reviews have the following benefits:

Enhanced Social Proof

A video of a real customer showcasing your product can be the most impactful and effective display of social proof possible on a web asset.

Increased video performance

Embedding video assets like reviews across web pages can have a negative impact on page speed.  Novel optimizes video for performance to not have any impact on page load and lighthouse score.

Increased CRO metrics

Bringing video reviews to your web pages in a shoppable format can greatly increase visitor session durations, decrease bounce rates, and increase general conversion and AOV.

How to get Started

Getting the Novel x Fera integration set-up is simple.

If you already use both Novel and Fera, follow this step-by-step guide to connect your Fera video reviews to Novel.

If you don’t use Fera today and are curious to learn more, you can check them out here.

Also, feel free to contact us at support@benovel.com with any questions.

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